Publish With Us

At Futuwwa Publishing, we hope to make publishing easy and streamlined. We are a family run business and are avid readers ourselves, so we greatly value books (Alhamdulillah) and know what makes for an amazing reading experience (and hope to bring that to all worthy books). Other than that, there a various other reasons to publish with us.

Retain Your Copyright

At Futuwwa, we do not buy or purchase the author's copyright. Whilst we may assist and fund authors to get books ready, the author always retains the copyright and we simply publish, print and sell books on a percentage of revenue sharing with writers and authors.

Beautiful Printing

Yes, we believe in the sanctity of the written word and always aim to produce the highest quality print books. Soft cover or hard back, we do not compromise in quality and still try and keep the price of the book down to make it accessible to readers.

Revenue Sharing

Because you as the the author retain the copyright, you can continue to earn revenue from the books you publish with us (even with other publishers).

Typesetting and Editorial Services

Need help with editorial services, typesetting the book, getting the cover designed? We can help with that.

Digital and eBooks

We not only print books, but we also make them digital and eBook ready for a variety of distribution channels, including Amazon Kindle.

Distribution to multiple Channels

We'll make every effort to make your book available to various online stores and brick and mortar ourtlets. We have to work hard to find many of the books we like to read, so we are aware (with the help of Allah) of where we think the books are best distributed. Of course, you are always free to handle your own distribution.